Choose Your Nail Salon Carefully for Cleanliness and Safety


A pedicure at a nail salon should be relaxing and satisfying, and the most that you want to bring home are pampered feet with 10 beautifully polished nails. But unfortunately, if the salon has less-than-acceptable cleanliness and sanitation procedures, you may acquire a foot or toenail problem like a fungal infection.

Think about it – if you were aware that a restaurant had failed food safety inspections, you wouldn’t eat there. Do you check that your nail salon is clean and sanitary and follows all applicable state and local safety regulations?

A Nail Salon Checklist

Before heading out for a pedicure at your favorite salon or spa, read online reviews and steer clear of those businesses with poor sanitary ratings.

At the nail salon:

  • Glance around the facility – does it look clean? Are current salon and technician licenses posted?

  • Inspect the technician’s hands and nails for cleanliness.

  • Check that the technician uses instruments taken from a newly opened and sterile package.

  • Other accessories such as toe separators and buffers are usually disposable; make sure they come from an unopened package.

Ask for an early appointment when the equipment is cleanest. If you have them, bring your own pedicure instruments and wear your own flip-flops. To avoid having bacteria enter your system, don’t shave your legs for 24 hours before your appointment.

Remember – you are the customer and you have every right to make sure that the business follows good sanitizing processes. 

Despite all precautions, you may acquire a skin or toenail fungus after a pedicure. Fungi are contagious and can cause redness, pain or itching. Also, if the technician manipulates the cuticles too aggressively, the tissue or skin around your toenails may become infected.

Please contact us for any problem or concern you have resulting from a nail salon visit. We’d be happy to examine your feet and discuss any recommended treatments.

We Can Help with Fungal Infections and Other Foot and Ankle Problems

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