Creative Holiday Shopping: Give a Foot Care Gift


The holiday season is upon us, and no matter which holiday you and your family celebrate, you’ll be looking for the perfect gifts for the important people in your life. 

This year, why not give the gift of good health? Good foot health, that is! Instead of a coffee-shop gift card or a holiday mug, give a gift that will keep feet feeling good long into the New Year.

Creative Gifts that Pamper the Feet

  • A footrest that fits under the desk to elevate and ease tired feet.

  • Yoga sandals that can help with balance and posture.

  • A set of personal pedicure tools to tote along to a nail salon.

  • A foot care basket complete with rich foot lotions and creams, foot scrub, brush and loofah sponge.

  • Package bath crystals and foot scrubbers to both clean and exfoliate.

  • An electric foot warmer that goes at the end of the bed for extra warmth on cold nights.

  • A foot scrubber for those with balance problems – you use it right on the floor of the shower. 

  • A collection of colorful nail polishes in an attractive basket.

  • Travelers will appreciate a travel foot care kit. Tuck nail clippers, moisturizer, emery board, blister pads and antibiotic cream into a zippered pouch. Add compression socks to help circulation during long flights.

  • Those who spend hours on their feet will welcome a foot massager. Look for models with heat, soothing compression features and multi-function settings and variable strength levels.

  • Family members with diabetes will enjoy quality-made socks with extra padding. Non-binding tops and seamless construction will help protect the feet.

  • Any cook – or dishwasher – will appreciate a special kitchen mat that relieves fatigue and aching feet while doing cooking chores.

  • Treat a runner with shoe arch supports that can keep their workout footwear dry and fresh when not in use.

  • Keep feet warm with heated slippers that use batteries, USB power or a minute in the microwave. Steer clear of these products if you have diabetes.

If you run out of time, pick up a gift certificate to a full-service spa or salon for a pedicure and foot massage.  

Remember – the gift of foot care will brighten up the winter long after the holidays have passed!

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