How To Keep Bunions from Getting Worse

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If you have a bunion, you know how painful it can be. Plus, it can be a challenge to get the right shoes to fit comfortably. 

Bunions are very common foot deformities and not just for senior citizens. In fact, 23% of Americans ages 18-65 have a bunion. A bunion is an enlarged big toe joint that can push the big toe against the adjacent ones. This causes pain and inflammation, and the skin can be irritated where it rubs against your footwear.

Wearing narrow shoes and a foot injury can cause a bunion. But the most common cause is heredity. If you have a bunion, you probably know someone in your family that has one too. Individuals with arthritis, flat feet or inflammatory joint disease are also prone to having bunions.

Treating Bunions

We urge you to schedule a visit with us if you suspect that you have a bunion. This bone deformity does not heal by itself. Without proper treatment, it will even worsen and grow, causing even more pain. It will become difficult to find comfortable shoes and problems like bursitis or chronic arthritis can develop.

The first remedy to relieve bunion pain is to change your footwear to styles with plenty of room for your toes and feet. Then we can ease the pain and pressure on your toes with:

  • Shoe padding to lessen friction

  • Cortisone injection to reduce inflammation

  • Custom-fitted orthotics that can stabilize the joint by repositioning the foot

  • Night-time splint to realign the joint

  • Flexibility and mobility exercises

If these conservative methods don’t work and the deformity is painful and severe, we will discuss surgery to remove the bunion and help realign the toe.

Steps To Keep Bunions from Getting Worse 

You can’t heal a bunion without professional medical treatment, but you can take steps to keep it from worsening:

  • Upgrade your shoe wardrobe to those with wide and deep toe boxes. Comfortable shoes will also have good arch support and flatter heels. Stay away from footwear that puts excess pressure on the joints or crowds the toes. Athletic shoes and supportive sandals are good choices.

  • Avoid footwear that makes your feet slide forward. This motion can damage your toes as they hit against the inside of the shoe.

  • Be sure to have your feet – both of them – measured professionally each time you shop. As we age, our feet flatten and you may need a larger size.

We Have the Solution to Your Bunion Pain

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