Trick or Treating Safety for Little Monster Feet


It’s easy to see why Halloween maybe kids’ favorite holiday! When else can you stay up late, pretend you are anyone or anything that you want and eat lots of candy?

However, it’s up to parents and caregivers to ensure that a fun Halloween is also a safe one. The easiest way to spoil the big night is for your child to fall and experience a foot or ankle injury while trick-or-treating.

Keep your little ghosts and princesses safe with these commonsense tips:

  • Plan your route out in advance and stay in well-lit areas. Avoid fields and other areas where the ground may be uneven and pose a risk for an ankle sprain.

  • Skip the over-sized monster feet and flimsy princess heels. Insist that your child wear comfortable, lace-up sneakers for good stability and protection. Add comfortable socks for warmth and to avoid blisters.

  • Select costumes that aren’t too long to avoid tripping. Try them on in advance and hem if necessary.

  • Don’t let kids get carried away and run away wildly. This is a scenario for an injury by tripping over a curb or an unseen hazard.

  • Add reflective tape to costumes and treat bags for greater visibility by motorists.

  • Use non-toxic face paint instead of masks. A mask can impair vision which can lead to a trip, slip, or fall. Try paint on in advance to prevent irritated skin.

  • Equip your trick-or-treater with a mini-flashlight to better see the route and to be more visible to vehicles.

After Halloween, pay attention to foot pain complaints from your child. Foot pain is not normal! Come visit us so we can help find the source and treat the problem professionally.

We Can Help Relieve Your Child’s Foot Pain

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