Learn How To Examine Your Feet for April Foot Health Awareness Month


 One way to observe Foot Health Awareness Month is to build an examination of your feet into your health care routine. For those with diabetes, it is critical to carefully inspect your feet regularly because of the potential of serious complications from any damage.

But even for those of us who do not have diabetes, it’s important to check your feet often as your feet can give you early warnings of serious health problems.

Some of the diseases or conditions that may first show signs in the feet include diabetes, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), thyroid dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy, fungal infection, gout, psoriasis, anemia and Raynaud’s disease.

How To Examine Your Feet

Don’t just give your feet a casual glance! Be alert to any changes in appearance, texture, color and feeling. Watch for:

  • Blisters, cuts, bruises or sores

  • Temperature changes

  • Swelling

  • Change in color

  • Pain

  • Dry skin that cracks

  • Rashes including athlete’s foot

  • Corns and calluses

It may be difficult to see the bottom of your feet, but it’s essential. Ask a family member to check for you or place a mirror on the floor to help.

Build a foot check into your healthcare routine. Do you trim your toenails every week? Inspect your feet at the same time.

Contact Us If You Notice Any Changes

If your foot check reveals certain changes, it’s very important to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. Make an appointment for a foot examination if you observe:

  • Cuts that have not healed in 2 days

  • A wound with surrounding tissue that is warm to the touch

  • A cut, sore or scrape that appears infected

Please call us right away if the area doesn’t heal, gets red or has any drainage. If you have diabetes, don’t wait for possible healing – contact us for help as soon as you notice any problem.

Any Observed Foot Problem? Let Us Help!

The foot specialists at PodiatryCare, PC and the Heel Pain Center have extensive experience in treating all aspects of foot problems. Our team of doctors which consists of Dr. Robert Marra, Dr. Thomas Johnson, Dr. Kristen Winters, Dr. Laura Vander Poel, and Dr. Ryan Donegan is dedicated to serving you with all of the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies. Many treatments and surgeries can be handled right in our offices. Please call us at (860) 741-3041 to make an appointment in one of our offices in Hartford County, conveniently located in Enfield, Windsor and South Windsor, CT.