Watch for Foot Injuries When Children Enjoy Warm-Weather Activities


Children go all out when enjoying summer fun – running, jumping, swimming, playing sports, and just being kids! There’s one fact on which children, their parents, and podiatrists agree – they need their feet to be healthy and pain-free to enjoy activities and prevent injuries.

How To Protect Children’s Feet While Playing Sports

  • Always invest in shoes specific to each sport, such as high-top sneakers for basketball. Wearing the appropriate shoe can protect your child from serious injury. The right shoe can also help improve a child’s sporting performance.

  • Measure your child at the beginning of each sports season as children’s feet grow rapidly. Even if they fit well, previously-worn shoes may have too much wear to be effective.

  • Don’t skimp on socks! Look for those made of a natural/synthetic blend for wicking away moisture and curbing foot odor. Avoid socks with large seams that can irritate.

Warm-Weather Children’s Sports Can Cause These Common Injuries

  • Running causes the feet to hit the ground with a tremendous amount of force. This stress can cause heel pain, shin splints, and blisters. Look for a running shoe with shock absorption and good support.

  • When playing basketball, the injury risk is for ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tissue on the sole of the foot that often causes heel pain) and tendonitis. Shoes should have high ankle support, a stiff sole, and shock absorption.

  • Tennis shoes that support both sides of the foot and have flexible soles do the best job with this sport. Tennis players often suffer injuries like plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains as well as skin problems such as calluses and corns.

  • Soccer players may endure heel pain and shin splints due to the jumping and lateral movements demanded by this sport. Shoes should have multiple cleats on the heel and room for thick, protective soccer socks.

Custom-fitted orthotics are important tools that podiatrists routinely use to provide more control of foot motion and additional support. These work for adults and children too!

Help your child stay in the game! Don’t encourage them to play through pain. If they complain of foot pain or if you notice a limp or favoring one foot over another, come on in for a thorough exam, professional diagnosis and custom treatments for their foot or ankle problem.

Let Us Know of Any Foot Problem That You Observe in Your Child

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