Top Ten Tips for Terrific Back-to-School Shoe Shopping


Connecticut schools will soon be back in session and those yellow school buses will be a familiar sight on our roads. Are your children ready for school? After a summer spent in sandals and worn sneakers, most kids want brand-new shoes to start their new school year.

Parents, now is the time to be strong! Don’t be swayed when your child begs for the latest designer shoe, ballerina-like slippers or The Lion King sneakers. Your best bet for your child’s comfort and safety is a sturdy pair of comfortable and properly-fitting shoes.

Tips for Back-to-School Shoe Shopping

1.    Your child’s feet are growing all the time! Always have both feet professionally measured each time you shop and buy for the larger foot.

2.    Shop later in the day when feet are largest.

3.    Take along a pair of your child’s socks for trying on shoes.

4.    Let your child have a say on shoe selection, but choose carefully. Closed toes offer more protection for little feet.

5.    Make sure the heel is sturdy – when you press down on both sides of the heel counter, it should not collapse.

6.    The toe flexibility should be just right – not too stiff or too bendable.

7.    Make sure the shoe does not twist in the middle.

8.    Velcro fasteners or laces are best to keep the shoe firmly on the foot.

9.    New shoes should not need a “break-in” period and should feel comfortable right away.

10. Pass over hand-me-downs. A shoe will have molded to the prior owner’s foot and may harbor bacteria and fungi like athlete’s foot.

The beginning of a new school year is also a great time for a complete foot exam. If you have any concerns about your child’s feet or gait, we will assess them, diagnose any issues and come up with a good plan that fits your child.

We Can Help with Any Pediatric Foot Issue

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