Your Arch Type Is Important When Choosing Foot-Healthy Shoes


Do you ever consider your foot’s arch when choosing shoes? Length and width are important, but so is your arch type.

Your arches have key jobs to do as you go about your daily life. Arches help with movement propulsion and weight-bearing. They bring stability as well as flexibility to your foot.

3 Arch Types

  • A neutral or medium arch is usually biomechanically efficient.

  • Flat feet or low arches occur when the arches don’t properly form during childhood or may result from an injury.

  • High arches are often hereditary and don’t absorb shock as well as neutral arches.

What type arch do you have? You can determine arch type at home. With your feet wet, step onto a flattened brown shopping bag or a dark floor tile. You will be able to see the outline of your foot. A neutral arch will show about half of the arch area filled in. With flat feet, you will be able to see the full outline of your foot. Those with high arches will see little if any imprint from the arch area.

How To Choose the Right Shoe for Your Arch Type

For optimal foot health, it’s essential to wear the right shoes and sandals for your arch type. The proper shoe can help prevent muscle and ligament strains, stress fractures and overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis.

  • If you have a neutral arch, you can wear just about any shoe that fits well and doesn’t crowd the toes.

  • Those with flat feet should invest in comfortable shoes that provide stability to the arch and heel areas. Custom-fitted orthotics can help supply additional shock absorption if needed. Shop for shoes with added cushioning that help reduce friction and control foot balance.

  • An individual with high arches needs a cushioned and supportive shoe, but one that also is flexible without a lot of motion control. Wearing walking shoes that are too rigid can cause blisters and foot pain.

Please make an appointment to visit us. We will assess your foot arch for you and guide you in choosing the best shoes for your unique feet.

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