Take Off with Confidence: Foot Health Tips for Traveling


Travel season is about to step into high gear, beginning with one of the most traveled weekends of the year – Memorial Day. Once again, AAA estimates record numbers of travelers will be taking advantage of this 3-day weekend.

Whether you are organizing a summer getaway or making plans for a special wedding or graduation, here is our best travel tip: Make an electronic packing list and store it on your computer or smartphone. Google Doc, Word or Excel are great choices, and the best part is that you can include everything you might ever need for travel – winter or summer – and then just pick and choose for each adventure. You can also add destination-specific essentials like snorkeling gear or your passport as needed. 

Include a Travel Foot Care Kit with All the Essentials

No matter where you travel or when, you need to keep your feet in tip-top shape! Tuck these items into a small zippered pouch and don’t leave home without them:

  • Sunscreen – don’t forget feet and ankles

  • Pedicure tools like an emery board and nail clippers

  • Rich foot cream to keep your skin supple and smooth

  • Antibiotic ointment and blister pads or moleskin to treat blisters and protect painful spots

  • Anti-fungal cream for temporary relief of athlete’s foot

  • Adhesive bandages in assorted sizes

If you see any signs of infection, you are beyond first aid treatment. Get help from a local podiatrist for infection or foot pain. If you have diabetes, be sure to seek out a qualified foot doctor quickly for anything out of the ordinary.

An Expert’s Foot-Friendly Travel Tips

  • If you are heading to the airport, wear comfortable slip-on shoes with socks for security checks.

  • Don’t forget your custom-fitted orthotics.

  • Avoiding salty foods and alcohol can minimize water retention and swollen feet.

  • Take an extra pair or two of shoes for when your favorite pair gets damp.

  • Toss in flip-flops for protection from foot fungus when in public areas like pools, spas and locker rooms.

  • Start wearing your new walking shoes or hiking boots a couple of weeks before you leave to break them in.

Happy traveling!

Let Us Know If You Have Any Foot Pain

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