Protecting Your Investment: How To Care for Your Orthotics


If you have custom-fitted orthotics as prescribed by your podiatrist, you know that these unique shoe inserts have become an important part of your foot health. As such, you want to take good care of your orthotics and continue to use them for many years.

Custom-molded orthotics are designed to comfort and support your feet. They fit you and only you, and are manufactured to accommodate your unique foot structure and pathology.

Caring for Your Orthotics

Keep your orthotics in good shape and help them last as long as possible with these care tips:

  • Wear your orthotics only in the shoes for which they were designed to keep them in their proper shape.

  • Take your orthotics out of your shoes every night so they can air.

  • Don’t expose your orthotics to excessive sun or heat.

  • Clean your orthotics regularly. Wash them with a clean cloth and a mild soap and water solution. Rinse and let dry out completely – not in the sun and not in a clothes dryer. Orthotics with leather tops should not be washed.

  • Avoid using a chemical solvent for cleaning.

  • Never use a clothes washing machine or a dishwasher to clean your orthotics.

Please come visit us if you experience significant weight gain or loss or an injury, so we can reassess your orthotics.

Take good care of your orthotics and they will take good care of you! If you suffer from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, chronic ankle sprains, flat feet, low back pain or bunions, please ask us how custom-fitted orthotics can help relieve your foot or heel pain.

We Can Help If You Experience Foot or Heel Pain

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