Common Myths about Men’s Foot Care


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and fathers-to-be out there! This week, we are focusing on men’s foot health to remind you how important it is to address any foot problems right away. Many men are reluctant to bring their concerns to a doctor’s attention, but without prompt diagnosis and treatment, most foot issues will quickly worsen.

Here are some common myths about foot care that are often voiced by men:

Myth: Some foot pain is normal, especially as I get older. Foot pain is not normal! If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, come and see us for an evaluation. We have many solutions for all of your foot health issues, from heel pain to flat feet, hammertoes or bunions. Our modern diagnostic technology will pinpoint the problem and we will work out a customized treatment plan just for you.

Myth: Corns and calluses are normal and I just have to bear the pain. Wrong! These skin growths are commonly caused by friction from poorly-fitting shoes. Moisturize your feet daily and wear comfortable shoes with wide toe boxes. Please come see us if your calluses become painful.

Myth: It just takes time to heal athlete’s foot. This uncomfortable, itchy rash often found between the toes will recur if not properly addressed. Prescription topical and oral medications will do the trick. Wear flip-flops in common areas like pools, gyms and locker rooms and don’t share towels or shoes to avoid catching this contagious virus.

Myth: I won’t develop a toenail fungus even if I go barefoot. No – the fungi that infect your toenails are very contagious. Always keep your feet covered in public areas just as for athlete’s foot. If you have a fungal nail, your toenail may become brittle, turn a different color and may smell bad. Please come see us and we will treat the infection with antibiotics. Always keep your feet dry with clean socks and shoes to prevent help toenail fungus.

Myth: I don’t have warts on my feet because I don’t see them. Plantar warts grow on the bottom of the feet and therefore are hard to detect. As they grow into your foot, however, they can become very painful. Let us help remove the wart professionally so it will not recur. You can prevent warts by protecting your feet from this contagious virus while in public places.

So don’t wait to tackle any foot problems. It’s the manly thing to do! We have 3 offices with convenient hours, including some early evenings, so we can fit into your busy schedule.

Let Us Help Relieve Your Foot and Ankle Pain

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