Put Safety First When Mowing Your Lawn


If you still mow your own lawn, you may be in the minority – but good for you! Whether you take care of your own lawn or if you are a professional landscaper, it’s important to be aware of the dangers inherent in operating a power lawnmower.

Want to guess how many Americans need emergency room treatment each year for injuries operating a “walk behind” power mower? More than 35,000! Those mower blades spin at 3,000 revolutions each minute and produce 3-times more kinetic energy than a .357 handgun.

Power Lawnmower Injuries

We have seen patients who came into our office after mowing the lawn and suffering severe injuries.

Most power mower injuries are cuts and lacerations that can quickly be cleaned and bandaged. But more serious injuries can include severe burns and torn tendons that may require surgery. Power lawnmower accidents may require that toes and even feet be amputated.

If you are injured while using a power lawnmower, seek emergency treatment immediately! Only professional foot care can prevent infection and minimize the damage to the foot and leg.

Safety Tips for Mowing the Lawn

  • Be prepared. Wear heavy shoes or work boots. Don’t mow the lawn in sandals or light sneakers, and never while barefoot.

  • Keep children far away from the area when mowing.

  • Mowing wet grass is the leading cause of power mower foot injuries. Wait until conditions dry up.

  • Make sure that your mower has a handle release mechanism so it shuts off when your hands let go. Don’t bypass this safety feature by tying it to the handle.

  • Always push the mower ahead – don’t pull it backward toward you.

  • When mowing a slope, avoid mowing up and down. Instead, mow it slowly across the incline.

One more point – don’t be tempted to ask your son or daughter to mow the lawn for you until they are at least age 12, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The recommended minimum age for a seated power mower is 16.

Learn more lawn mower safety for children at HealthyChildren.org.

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